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In Grande Prairie, there is one service provider who is capable of providing you with the quality of service that you want and deserve, AB Snow Removal Grande Prairie. We have the necessary snow management equipment needed to help rid you of snow and ice. While the snow isn't very dangerous, the snow underneath the ice is dangerous. It is why it is so important to have the snow removed before you begin walking on the snow. If there is snow underneath, you may slip and hurt yourself. Whether you don't have the equipment needed to clear away your snow or you just don't wish to do it; call on our snow removal contractors and take full advantage of our snow removal service. We will use our snowplow to remove the majority of the snow that is on your surfaces. If you are looking for local snow removal companies, trying to determine which one to hire, you have come to the right place. We can have the snow removed for you in no time.

Our Snow Removal Services

We offer commercial and residential snow removal services. When you're looking for someone who can perform the work for you so that you can avoid the possibility of injuring yourself, it is a good idea to rely on someone else to perform the work for you. It is easy for us to do since we have an established team of qualified professional snow removal contractors. If you have snow piling up and are unable to remove it, there is also the likelihood of your losing business. Don't allow this to occur when we can provide you with the necessary services needed.

A picture of a red tractor with a blade doing snow removal services in Grande Prairie.

Commercial Snow Removal

Consider the safety of your employees and visitors whenever snow begins to fall. You have walkways, stairs, parking lots, and other areas of your commercial business where snow may start to settle. You can count on us to get rid of all the snow that is walked on to also remove any ice. This serves to not only keep you and others safe, but it also helps prevents lawsuits brought against the business owner.

A snow plow working in Grande Prairie.

Driveway Snow Removal

When you have to remove your vehicles from the driveway and there is snow piled up, it may be necessary to call on us to help with your snow removal needs. There is always the possibility of ice being under the snow. We can quickly remove the snow so that you freely move in and out of your driveway.

A picture of a man doing snow removal on a sidewalk with a snowblower in Grande Prairie.

Residential Snow Removal Services

Think about how difficult it would be to try to remove snow that has piled up in front of your driveway door or your home door. If there has been a heavy snowfall and you need help clearing it all away, give us a call. We are happy to assist with your service needs. When snow is allowed to continue to pile up on your roof, this could result in your roof caving in. If you do not want this to happen to you, call on us to remove the snow from your roof.

Snow Removal Contractors

We are a team of well-qualified, professional snow removal contractors who have years of experience effectively removing snow and ice. With our level of experience, we have developed a systematic method of removing snow and ice, which proves effective regardless of how much snow has to be removed. We offer the most affordable snow removal services in Grande Prairie.


"I knew that there would be a lot of snow and that is why I contacted AB Snow Removal Grand Prairie ahead of time. They cleared out the snow from my driveway even before I woke up the next morning. They are my go-to snow removal company." - John J.

"To make sure that we always have someone on standby that is reliable and affordable to remove the snow and ice from our parking lot, we have hired AB Snow Removal Grande Prairie. They have never let us down, which is why we continue to use their services." - Arnold S.

"Since our maintenance technician became sick, he could no longer help with our snow removal. We called AB Snow Removal Grande Prairie to fill in. They did such a great job that we hired them permanently to help with our snow removal needs." - Gary W.

About Us

We proudly serve Grande Prairie and the surounding area. Our customers rely on us because they notice how hard-working, and dependable we are. This is the basis for all that we do, which is why our services are often preferred to many of the other snow removal services in the area.

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Do not hesitate to contact us if you're interested in receiving help removing the snow from your property. We are eager to help you get rid of it for you. If it should happen to snow again, please feel free to call us back again. We are here whenever you need us, and offer you our service guarantee.

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